When you come to the fair with your family we know safety is your number one concern. That is why we want to assure you that safety is our number one concern as well. Reithoffer Shows has one of the finest safety records in the industry, and after being in business for 118 years that says something.

We buy the newest and safest rides available from the most trusted manufacturers throughout the world. Every single ride goes through a thorough inspection every single day before we open it to the public and all of our rides are inspected by state, local, or third party inspectors before the opening of each event.

Our in house inspection teams have more experience and more hours of training than almost anyone in the industry. Reithoffer Shows is proud to say we employ 10 NAARSO certified inspectors including the 2014 NAARSO Safety Man of the Year Jeff Alberts. These same inspectors are also Certified Maintenance Mechanics, OSHA Compliant and Certified Pennsylvania Ride Inspectors. We send them every year to multiple schools to learn about the newest issues and to be recertified in various fields. You have to remember, our children, family, and friends ride on these rides right next to you. We take this very seriously.

Things you need to know


  1. Ride Height Requirements. (Please keep in mind that not all of these rides may be at your event.)
  2. Your child must be at least 36 inches tall to ride any ride alone on our midway.
  3. Your child can be 32 inches tall and ride with you on a very limited number of rides.
  4. If accompanying a child on a ride the parent must also pay.
  5. You must have closed toed shoes to enter any of our fun houses.
  6. Many rides require you to empty your pockets before riding. We are not responsible for keeping track of your belongings or for lost or stolen goods.
  7. Experts estimate that approximately 80% of the incidents that occur on carnival equipment are the result of patron error. Rocking ride seats, sticking your hands out of the car or throwing objects are all examples of behaviors that can result in injury.
  8. It is important that each customer obey the posted rules for each ride. Those rules can be found on our ride signs, which hang at every entrance.
  9. You can also help by reporting any violation of these rules to the ride operator as soon as you observe the behavior.

Safety Procedures


  1. Every ride has a height requirement set by the ride manufacturer.
  2. Daily Inspection of all rides and equipment
  3. Rides are inspected by 3rd party inspectors before every event
  4. Highly trained and networked inspectors who stay current with global safety issues.
  5. Close attention is paid to the weather and severe weather plans are in place.
  6. All supervisory employees are connected by 2-way radio for immediate response to any issues that might arise on the midway.

Employee Traning


  1. Large supervisory staff, most with 30+ years of experience.
  2. Our on the job training begins long before an employee is allowed to operate a ride.
  3. Every Reithoffer Shows Employee is drug tested pre-employment and all members of our midway are subject to random drug testing throughout the season.
  4. All our employees are certified every year in forklift operation and fall protection.
  5. We use CCO crane operators, certified riggers and signal persons during the setup of our large rides.

If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to ask! info@reithoffershows.com